Monday, January 12, 2015

Mom Remembers. 5 years ago when life changed.

Today was a remembering day in Haiti.  We remembered getting a phone call, from someone we hardly know, asking if our daughter was alright?  Why we asked and were told of the massive earthquake that had devastated Port au Prince and surrounding area.  Watching the news, seeing there the destruction, we were so blessed as to be able to IM with Kris and know that she and the family were fine.  But five years ago, so many in this country were suddenly gone and still today, their family feel the void they left behind and Haiti is still recovering.  Today, many here remembered.

I was thinking today how long or short five years seems.  Looking back it seems at some things, five years seems to have gone by watching our grandchildren grow.  Looking ahead, I am sure five years seems long to Eli as he enrolled at Calvin today...five years and he will be finished and a man of 22 years.  Anna will be 19 and in college..But isn't life just like that...all at once, it seems, we are the senior generation, in our winter years..where does time go.

The children and I read from a devotional today that spoke of wasting time..the things we fill up our days with that have no eternal value and once spent, those moments are gone forever.  Only the things that we do for the Lord will last forever.  Sobering thoughts...

Today, we had school and Larry worked again with the screen for the guest unit.  Cory planted some trees, Kris worked on correcting school work and their next newsletter.  Hope all of you had a day that had moments of eternity.  Those folks who five years ago in Port au Prince never dreamt at the beginning of the day, that it would be their last.  Wonder what they did with their moments of their days...before....

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