Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rainy Saturday Afternoon.

Saturday afternoon and our first day time rain since the folks came remains in process.

School done for the week so everyone enjoying some down time reading, playing computer games or napping.

This morning Eli worked with Grandpa on a new window frame for the guest house. The current window frame almost eaten through by insects.

They also repaired the stand for the volleyball referees.

Mom helped Anna and I, with some of the house cleaning.

Two loads of wash almost dried on the line before the rain came this afternoon.

Lunch consisted of vegetable beef stew and garlic/cheese biscuits.

I enjoy very much doing normal tasks like cooking with my mom!

I also helped Cory prepare some breadfruit starts and plant them.

Will test how well the new rooting shed works.

Cory and Dad planned to head out for a short trip to check out some land and talk with famers on the other side of Port Margot where Cory heard they keep their goats tied up and could be a good location for fruit trees but the rain delayed their trip.

Cory also walked the compound again this week looking for the few remaining locations where fruit trees could do well.

Planting trees remains on his to-do list.

Will see how these do before we do more.
He also made some phone calls that will hopefully result in getting the needed paper for our truck plates as well as getting our residential visas back in our hands.

Please pray for Haiti's leaders as they attempt to reach some type of compromise before midnight on Monday.

Lots of meetings this past week as well as lots of locations with continued protests.

Time will tell. 

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