Friday, January 9, 2015

Mom reports on the day.

A short shower during the night woke me with a bit of spray hitting my face.  Cory said this morning that we received 1/4 of an inch.

 Today the sun shines brightly again with white fluffy clouds drifting across blue skies.

We hear of the cold, snowy weather happening back home in Michigan and are thankful for the our wonderful weather.

Weather that allowed Larry to paint and the bench parts to dry.

He just returned to the house to announcing the painting finished.

Tomorrow will be a clean clothes day for Larry!  Hurrah.

The current plan is transporting the bench parts to Trou du Nord next Thursday for assembly and blessing the congregation there with 40 new benches.

Anna and Eli have both been involved in writing projects.

 Eli completed a 20 page paper on volcanoes that covers the different classification of volcanoes, different consistences of lava, plus much more.

Anna finished her research paper on cocaine and opiates.

She was challenged to write a paper without an over amount of "weak verbs"-is, was, has, are etc.

 I found this to be a very difficult.  I am sure this will be beneficial in coming years for them both.

Anna's studies include Bible, French, Marine Biology, Algebra, American History, Grammar and Literature.

Eli's studies French, Bible, Advanced Physics, Haitian History, British Literature and Calculus.

Eli and Anna also have a smattering of gym, music and art.

Eli also works on his Senior project by operating his library twice a week.

Kris and I will be attempting some beef tortillas for supper..tonight is family night and will probably include a movie.

 In charge of dessert, Eli is baking pan brownies.

Cory put new plastic on the rooting shed, a job he has been trying to complete for several days.

 Next breadfruit cuttings will be placed in the protection of the shed.

 Cory also was out walking in the garden, trying to find new places for fruit trees.

Kris also transplanted some flowering ornamentals this morning that are prolifically growing near the sidewalk.

Time for a is always a bit of a challenge with the cold water, especially when it is the night to wash one's hair.

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