Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mom's thoughts on 'ordinary' from yesterday.

Ordinary describes today.  But even as I write the words-- ordinary or normal-- realization surfaces of the fallacy of those very words.  So much here is not ordinary for us.  Our broadband for some mysterious reasons chooses periodically to not function.  So, if times occur that email remain unanswered or blogs unpublished it is just normal.  [why the delayed post from yesterday]

Yesterday, as Anna prepared to leave for volleyball practice, her mother reminded her sternly that drinking water, eating bananas [without washing hands], sharing with others was prohibited.  The cholera building now overflows with new cholera patients, as the disease once again becomes a factor in their lives.  Ordinary!

Last evening, local drums began pounding relentless beats.  The entire night, the drums sounded, sometimes with increasing crecendos and chanting voices.  We discussed how the drums affected us differently.  Kris (and I found, myself as well) had difficulty sleeping soundly.  Anna’s observation stated that she was unaffected,  it was “normal”, she said.  Ordinary!

I began to ponder how things, changes can become ordinary for us all.  I thought of the changes in our moral code in the USA, and how these changes are becoming increasingly normal for us all.  I am so thankful that our God is steadfast, His Word changeless.  He is our Rock in the shifting times in which we live.

Larry painted (they are on the second coat), I helped Anna with school, worked on an announcement board for the guest unit.  Kris studied French and CMEs.  Cory worked on the computer, bought more paint--which does not have a consistent quality in each galleon--and in the garden.  Eli worked on his classes.  Ordinary day.

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Missus Wookie said...

Quakers try to live and remember that all days are equally sacred as all days are created. Worldly things change but not the eternal - a good reminder that this is a goal to live by. Kairos as well as chronos.