Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daily report and prayer requests. UPDATE!

First a picture for our nephew John who sent us some birdseed ornaments for Christmas. Not sure our birds know what to do with them...or if they will feed other things, but looks nice on our coconut palm!

Mom again helped Anna with her school work today after Anna returned from a couple early hours of volleyball practice.

She also talked Eli into a couple of mini-photo shoots, which shows how much he loves his grandma!

Cory spent part of the morning supervising the cutting down of the oil palm in the garden.

 While this palm continued to produce fruit the badly damaged trunk worried Cory that it would come down during a storm, damaging other trees.

Only the heart wood remained strong.

Much of the trunk showed grub damage.

So better to pick a calm morning to take it down, helping it to fall where they wanted it to by pulling on a rope to guide its fall.

Only one small branch of a fruit tree broke off.

Dad continued to paint benches, even when his helpers deserted to help with the tree removal.

Near noon we received the e-mail proof of the new Creole book.

After a minor change we approved the book for printing. YEAH!!

Please continue to pray for the 3 goals that we traveled to Port-au-Prince on Dec. 10th to complete as all of them remain unfinished.

No word on our adoption fingerprints being refreshed [will expire 2 weeks from tomorrow*], need one more paper for our truck plates, and still without the return of our residential visas.

* Sent off another e-mail this afternoon.

The US Immigration officer wrote back:

"Why was the Embassy unable to take your prints?" We don't know.

"Did you try to have them done at the military base there too?" Not aware that the US has a military base in Haiti.

"I am inquiring into what we can do from here." Thank you! Praying they decide to refresh the prints!

"Does the Embassy need us to send you a request for the prints before they’ll take them?" They did not mention any requests. They said they would ask the USA office to refresh-but the US office did not receive any requests.

We'd rather not have to travel the 6+ hours to Port again, an overnight to visit the Embassy but will do what we need to. 

Keep praying!

That was fast!! While still working on an update for our adoption blog we received another e-mail from the US Immigration officer:

"Ok. I have inquired into refreshing them and I’m still awaiting word on that. I do know that we can’t run them to be refreshed until the others are expired. If they expire, it is not a big deal—there is no penalty for a break in their validity. I will update you once I’ve gotten more information on your case."

Keep praying. Will update as we learn more. 

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