Monday, January 5, 2015

First Monday of 2015.

Today felt normal.  Eli and Anna started school after their Christmas break.

The school day begins with a prayer time and then off to class.

 Grandma, in her substitute teacher role, helped Anna with some history and grammar.

 Then, Eli joined us for their Bible study.  We finished the book they were studying, “The Pastor’s Kid”, with an assignment for Eli and Anna to come tomorrow with what they felt were the positives and negatives of being a missionary kid.

 Looking forward to some interesting discussion.

The “normal” continued with Larry, Genier and Evon painting bench parts.

The plan is to have the benches finished, but not assembled.

Then when everything is ready, they will load a big truck and bring the 40 church benches to Trou du Nord.

Once there they will screw everything together and touch up the paint.  The church had borrowed some benches for their dedication and need more benches of their own.

Kris worked on grading tests and papers [I also did some medical education reading and worked on cleaning up my computer and organizing family pictures to share from Christmas], we did wash and dishes.

 Cory began to fill in financial papers for Calvin.

  It is really hard to believe that Eli has less than 6 month of living in this country full time.

As much as Haiti has been a big part of our lives for over 40 years, it is even a bigger part of Eli’s life.

2015 holds so many possibilities and changes for all of us.  So glad we know Who is walking with us each step of the way.


Kris. Please pray for the medical staff currently dealing with many cholera patients.

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