Monday, January 26, 2015

Productive Day

Trees to trade
Cory headed to Cap Haitian about 8 o'clock. With a long line already at the bank in Limbee he did not stop but continued on his trip.

 He picked up the new truck plates and put them on the truck. [While he remembered the wrench he didn't remember to bring the screws along.]

At the Madelyn school he connected with the school cooks and talked to them about preparing moringa and chaya.

He left them a bunch of chaya cuttings.

Ultimately the goal is for enough of both to be grown so that they can regularly be added to the school lunches replacing expensive imported vitamin pills.

Following this visit Cory headed to the airport to connect with the guys coming in with a new type for him [Pua'a] breadfruit trees from the Breadfruit Institute.

He received 10 trees in exchange for his larger Ma'afala trees which were ready to plant.

A bit of shopping and a stop at the bank before heading home.

At home we worked on school work. My students did not need me much today so I busied myself with office work: getting needed phone numbers for shipping the Konsey II books, working on scholarship applications with Eli, getting needed information for starting to schedual our USA trip, and more.

I also added a new blog about our adoption. Link above under Grafting Treasures.

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Missus Wookie said...

Replacing expensive vitamin tablets sounds like a good idea to me.