Saturday, January 3, 2015

A nice Saturday!

A women's meeting in the church this morning filled the campus with song.

Genner borrowed the lawn mower to mow by the clinic/hospital.

While on the other side of campus the youngest volleyball players practice their game.

Just after 3 p.m. Anna headed down for her team's practice. She helped with the younger team this morning, enjoyed a late breakfast and then helped clean.

Dad and Eli spent the morning painting more bench parts.

Cory worked a bit at his desk and started on his delayed yard to-do list.

Mom and I completed the kitchen curtain project. Washed dishes, hung laundry, and ended up making three pies.

It started as one pie, a banana cream as requested by Dad.

Mainly because today my kitchen contained fresh bananas.

Then I  noticed the lovely egg fruits that Cory picked and decided to make an egg fruit pie.

Cory then requested I make one as well for Pastor Jonus's family.

Many of the fruit he picked yesterday came from a tree in their yard and they also gave him the seeds from the fruits their family ate so he can plan them in the nursery.

Turned out OK...other than a oven that runs HOT. Texture and taste, a bit like pumpkin.

A windy day and cooler than the rest of the week has been.

Looks like we could get some rain tonight which would be good.

 Plan tomorrow to stay on campus and visit our normal church.

Now to go spend time with my neglected Kindle!

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marcia said...

It sounds like lovely puttering! Will have to look up "egg fruit." So nice your mom can do it with
We have been thinking of you and I'm praying now for your adoption process.