Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas clean up and Happy New Year soup!

A fairly quiet day around here today while we accomplished some projects and adjust back to just 6 of  us.

Yesterday we celebrated our family Christmas: gifts, movies, snack foods and hung out with Grandpa and Grandma.

Thankful to Eli, Anna and Grandma who helped me this year come up with hiding places and hints/riddles for Eli and Anna to find their gifts!

Our Haitian staff continue their holidays...January 2 in Haiti is Ancestry Day, a day to remember one's ancestors, especially those who died in the last year.

Still resting up after the team. Everyone arrived home yesterday in Michigan after a long, cold night spent in the Miami airport after their rooms were canceled.

Eli and Grandpa painted bench parts. Eli painted 17 legs while Grandpa completed 22 backs. First coat of 40 benches so still more to paint.

Anna, Grandma and I packed up the Christmas decorations. Now Eli and Cory will put them back up under our tin roof until next November.

The last load of laundry of the guest house's sheets and towels dried rapidly in our sunny, breezy day.

We gals also sorted and placed one sheet and towel set in a pillow case so that when guests arrive again the beds can be made up rapidly.

Made a experimental loaf of bread with black sapote fruit....will try it for supper and report if we like it.

Sewing project today consisted of working on some curtains for our kitchen window.

Some of you will remember that the previous valance disintegrated when we washed it for our home study in June, 2013.

Cory worked on some office work and then spent some time on outside projects.

Still working on leftovers and 2 large bowls of soup Joumou we were gifted yesterday for Haiti's Independence Day meal from our kind neighbors.
Clean guest house sheets and towels.

Not sure we'll even need to cook tomorrow!

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