Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

Last night with the family here some of them walked the river and hung out with the local children before supper.

After pizza we enjoyed family devotions. 

Mom blessed each of the family with some specific words of observation about each person [other than Dad] and then Todd and I spoke to the folks.

Following prayer we celebrated Beth's birthday a bit early with hot fudge cake.

This morning everyone but my folks said their good-byes and left after hugs. Cory and Anna escorted them to the airport.

Message at 4:30 that they arrived in Miami with no problems. 

Back at home my folks, Eli and I worked to straighten, clean up the guest houses, deal with the first 3 loads of laundry [due to our complicated, re-wired washing machine I don't do laundry without Cory close by].

Guest houses are now clean and ready for any meetings or overnight guests that may drop in unexpected. 
Mom worked on a bathroom curtain. Plenty of left overs for a few days so don't need to worry about cooking.

Eli and Anna moved back up from the guest house.

Tomorrow we will celebrate our family Christmas in addition to a New Year!

2014 for our family boils down to 4 BIG events: BCBC. Boards: Kris's for Family Practice. College application. Book completion. Christmas with family. 

Praying hard that 2015 will see our adoption referral, successful transition of Elijah to college life in the USA and much more!

Happy New Year!

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