Sunday, December 28, 2014

Trou Du Nord Church Dedication

Today was a special day!

 The team left early this morning..6am to attend a church dedication in Trou du Nord, Haiti.

When we arrived around 8am the church was already full.

They had graciously had kept room for us to be seated.

Old church
Three choirs sang to our Lord's glory and our hearts were full as we listened.

Pastor Rigo had invited many pastors from the northern district to be a part of the special service.

We heard how the church started 15 years, with just a pastor and one other in a small home.

The first years were difficult and required much sacrifice.

 In the last few years, the church had grown and now was meeting in a rented toll covered building.

The heat in the building was difficult for all and yet the congregation filled the building and over 130 stood on the outside of the church...the Lord was moving in a very special way.

 With a definite leading of God,  some land was purchased, although the congregation had very few funds.

Three days before the money was due for the land purchase, the Lord supplied the total amount needed.

Pastor Rigo now dreamed that in 4 years they would be able to put the foundation for a new building, in another 4 years Pastor dreamed for the walls and then more years for the final building to be completed.

 Today we met in a church building, while still in need of windows and doors, has walls and roof completed and a thriving congregation meeting there.

 Today the voices of 500+ people gave God all the glory for what He has accomplished and we were so blessed to be there with them.

 It was a day that was the highlight of our trip and we thank God for it.  Carol

We arrived back to the Fauche campus during this week's Kid's Club.

Dad offered to lend Jean Pierre his santa suit, so Papa Noel headed down to Club with some small candy canes.

He received an enthusiastic welcome!

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