Saturday, December 27, 2014

Working Saturday

 Today, I (Josh Tol), was voluntold to write the blog, so here is a summary of today's events.

The day started off nice and early with breakfast at 7:00, while this seems to be the norm for most of those here, it is definitely earlier than I am used to. 

 After Breakfast most of the morning (and the afternoon) was  used to build the legs for the pews for the church. 

 It was a group effort with one group putting together half of the legs with a home-made jig, another group putting the other half of the legs together, one group cutting supports, and one group coating the assembled legs with termite repellent. 

 While working on the pews we found that:
     1.) waxing screws makes driving them a lot easier 

     2.) Having extra batteries for the drills makes the work a lot faster 

     3.) a blinking light on the charger does NOT mean that the batteries are fully charged.  

All told, we completed 80 pew legs (which translates to 40 pews to later be assembled at the church)  from about 9:00 to 4:00 (with a break for a lunch of rice with a red sauce and/or bean sauce and some fried breadfruit and sweet potatoes followed by a nap).  

While some where working on the pews, Grandma Bergsma sewed curtains for the guest house,  a coconut cream pie, passionfruit pie, and peanut pie along with chicken and pumpkin soup (the national dish of Haiti) were made by the more culinarily inclined. 

Now we prepare for the dedication service tomorrow and having to get up at 5:00 and traveling a couple hours to the church.  

Well, that's all I got.


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