Monday, December 29, 2014

Beach, work and party.

Jacob Tol signing on to write on today. 
Today was actually a pretty interesting day overall, there was a first for most of the present group. 

But before that, we started the day by heading to the beach about 45 mins away with a truckload of family and Haitians. 
At the beach we had a great time. 
The weather was perfect, the water was beautiful, and the trip was great. 

All the kids spent almost the whole time playing in the water and "riding" the waves (body surfing).

When we got back from the beach, we had a quick lunch, we got to work building and painting benches.

However we couldn't exactly paint because there was no paint, only some stain. 

Not quite the same thing.. 

But we moved on and instead were invited to an elder's party, a first for most if not all of us in attendance. 

As Todd put it, the party was pretty much an open mike night for the elderly folk. 

Open mike night and dance party is more like it. 
At one point about 7 of the elderly folk were up front just a dancing away with each other to the music. 

Even Larry got up with Kris and started dancing away, to Anna's embarrassment. 

After that a Haitian style clown walked up and entertained everyone with jokes of his shoes and evangelism. 
When the clown finally danced away, Papa Noel showed up to give candy to all the "children". 
The elderly folk were all for that. 

We left soon after that, after some more singing of course, and went to watch "Princess' Bride" for myself and Josh who have never seen it. 
We had to stop it part way through to eat and then finished it after, and then we went on to have devotions and a good long discussion. 

Then I was told to go blog... and that is where my day ended, with typing this blog.

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