Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trip Success depends on 'they say'

Thursday morning but already a very different week for us.

Monday: completed the Creole agriculture book and sent it to the publisher. PRAISE THE LORD. Sent out an e-mail update and finished some letters.

Tuesday: Cory and I headed toward Port-au-Prince with Gener and arrived at the Ortlip Center in 4 hours and 20 minutes. No delays or problems!! Enjoyed connecting with our newest teammates the Stephens.

Wednesday: In the truck and headed to the Embassy at 4:35 a.m. Arrived shortly after 6 and in line about 6:10. Watched the sunrise over the mountains while in line. A man directed us to a short line for the US citizens. After a while and a couple of security folks confirmied we were in the correct line. I prompted Cory to ask another officer as the other folks in line had appointments and we did not. We were moved to a much longer line but only for a few minutes then he returned, apologized and returned us to the first line.

Cleared security and sitting in the COLD waiting room about 7:20 a.m. Done by 10:30 and heading back to the Ortlip Center. Grabbed our stuff, used the bathroom [very important to use nice bathrooms when you have the chance when traveling for hours in Haiti!] and got to visit with a dear friend, Janice Cotrone, for a few minutes.

A few stops for shopping and lunch. Watched a beautiful sunset over the mountains from the highest mountain of our journey. Beautiful. Arrived home at 6:30. Whew!

A good trip....yes. Did we accomplish what we wanted....maybe. Time will tell.

Goal 1: Renew fingerprints. No. They can't do that now at the Embassy. Will blog more details on 'Grafting Treasures'. They say 'we'll contact the USA office this week and have them refresh your old ones.' They say we should hear from them in 2-3 weeks.

Goal 2: New Plate for the truck. Big step done-getting the copies of our paperwork and the needed money to someone who can see it gets done. They say they will do it and send them. Now we wait and hope to get the plates issued for our truck and get them shipped/delivered to us before the end of the year.

Goal 3: Pick up our residential visas. We thought these were at the Ortlip Center but they were sent back to PAP in an attempt to get them to someone traveling North. They say.. they will get them to us soon.

Goal 4: Supplies. The road to the big hardware store with good prices near the embassy was closed for work on a culvert. Started on the detour but it was long and we didn't want to delay the trip home so decided it would be better to make due with what can be found in Cap Haitian for a little extra $.

So praying and trusting that all these important tasks can be completed in a timely fashion!

A cool [low 70's] rainy day here. Working on office work and school. Starting our shopping list for Cory's trip to Cap Haitian next week-will look a bit different than normal with family here for Christmas.  [sorry no pictures I forgot the camera]

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