Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm Back!!

Wow. Over a week without a blog post! Sorry to those who checked without finding an update. Things should be returning to normal now that...

The book is done! Well, very, very, very close. Cory's tying up a few points and plans to send it to the printers tomorrow. Whew!  Thank you to everyone who prayed. Since mid-summer this project took up much of our time and energy and it feels good to complete it!

Over 12 inches of rain in the last week helped Cory to stay inside and focus on the book.

He did have a Haitian couple come to buy some trees and plants after learning about Cory through the tree sales at the market. A couple pastors also stopped in this week to buy fruit trees.

Rhoda, a friend we know through ECHO stopped in with 4 visitors on Friday, who were attending a conference in the area. Cory enjoyed spending a few hours talking about plants instead of editing Creole.

Tuesday, Cory and I plan to take a "quick" trip to Port au Prince. After e-mailing about updating our fingerprints for adoption paperwork and not hearing back we decided to try a walk-in visit like last time. Plan to be in the line outside the US Embassy around 6:30 a.m. on Wed. Thanks for praying.

 We also hope to get new license plates for the truck. Eli and Anna plan to stay home and continue to do school. Likely we will return home on Thursday but Wed. would be even better!

Areas around and in Port continue to experience protests against the government due to the postponed elections or lack of electricity/water.  Praying for a safe trip!

Sorry again for the lack of communication. Will try to get an update out tomorrow and catch up with E-mails before our trip.

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