Monday, December 15, 2014


A cold, cloudy day here in Fauche as we work on office work, school and a bit of cleaning.

[Pictures from Saturday morning..when we enjoyed the sunshine!]

Some ladies today mentioned 'the big cold' and with the current temperature [3 p.m.] in my kitchen at 75˚ knowing the temperature will continue to fall unless the sun shines I'm agreeing with them.

I'm thankful to own blankets, socks, flannel pants under my heavy denim jumper, a t-shirt under a long sleeve t-shirt, under a light hoodie and then a med-weight hoodie!

Now I get colder than the rest of my family but Anna's on the couch studying with socks, jeans, and a jean jacket over her t-shirt and Cory is wearing a long sleeve shirt over his t-shirt as well.

Our French tutor showed up today on his motorbike wearing a winter coat and knit winter hat.

One week from now my family should be winging their way from MI to FL.

Cleaning and preparations continue for family Christmas.

If the weather clears Cory will head to Cap Haitian for some shopping tomorrow.

No word yet on our fingerprints, license plates or visas so still praying that the goals from last week's trip to Port will be accomplished.

Heard of one adoption referral this month however heard that many staff members of IBESR started their holidays and after this week no one expects to hear anything before the new year.

Still praying for the Lord to multiply their efforts this week!

Haiti's prime minister resigned this week under pressure from the opposition. Time will tell what this does to the political climate and situation of delayed elections.

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