Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hello, all you Michiganders... and everyone from other states too....

This is the Tol Family blogging today from sunny Fauche.  We have been asked to blog today for all you non Haiti residents and have had a very full day for Christmas.  

We have been very busy after last nights family prayer and communion time on Christmas Eve.  Today we were again sung awake by the chorus of local roosters at 5:00am.  While it is not my first choice for alarm clocks it is indeed effective.

The morning was started with a little time spent at the new Gazebo, with some meditation on the book of Romans.  

And then a nice cup of coffee, which is good since everyone knows I get grumpy when I don't have any coffee..

Today the men folk were busy running the saw most of the day after a fine Haitian breakfast.

We were able to cut pew board benches for the new church building to length, and then rip some of them lengthwise with smaller cuts.

We now have most of the wood that is available cut for the benches.

Thankfully we have been able to get the saw working well with new blades, and the generator is able to run the table saw which has made the cutting and ripping of the boards so much quicker which is good because of the amount we have to get done.

The ladies were in the house making pies and getting things made for lunch, corn casserole, stuffing, chicken and potatoes.  Lots of laughs and competition who would make the best pie.

After our wood cutting excursion we delivered some cookies and caramel corn and cookies to the cooks, gardeners, and others on the compound who help in various aspects of the compounds's ministries everything from pastoring churches to feeding medical professionals.

After some work in the morning hours, and some gift deliveries we had lunch.

We are certainly taxing the modest resources of the Thede family household trying to feed all this American stomachs.

But with everyone pitching in to help cook and clean up things are going well.

After lunch Papa Noel came to visit and brought presents for everyone.  

While it was difficult for Papa Noel to fit us into his schedule I am glad he did because what is Christmas without the family together and in such a fitting place.

We can share life together amidst a people in such need it will indeed helping you focus on how blessed you are.

After family Christmas and lunch clean up we were given a first class tour of Cory's gardens where he is growing so many different types of trees to learn what will grow best and be able to help feed the Haitian people.

 While I am certainly a garden buff, and would like to think I know a thing or two of gardening, after having Corey share just a little insight I realize what technical expert really is when it comes to agriculture.  

We are able to delight with the Thede's completing their book that will help educate the Haitian people on better ways to live, both in health, medicinal plants and agriculture techniques.

Please be in prayer with us that this information will help educate the Haitian folks to make lives better.

 Well Patty is has now been cutting me off because everyone who knows me really knows how verbose I can be...  so I end with a very simple reflection...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, May God bless you and yours.

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