Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Birthday and Christmas Eve

Cap Haitian
Sorry for the missed blog yesterday...long day.

Happy Birthday

Picked up everyone at the airport and all the bags. Here that coming through customs was a bit chaotic but everyone lived through the experience.

The older generation joined Cory in our truck and the younger two generations loaded into the back of a big truck with all the luggage.

We slowly made it through holiday traffic to a restaurant for some hamburgers and fries for a late lunch.

Thankfully the truck driver knew a short cut through the city allowing us to save some time and made it home just as the sun set behind the mountains shortly after 5 p.m.

We settled folks into their rooms, sorted through some of the items they brought us, ate supper and bed.

Chocolate! Watch out!!
This morning most folks were up early and breakfast about 7 a.m. Then some of them headed to market with Cory while Dad and Jerry started working on church benches. Mom, Eli and I worked one some Christmas cookies and others joined us after their shopping.

Because the kitchen was occupied for cookies and birthday/Christmas fondue preparations we asked a local couple to cater lunch.

We enjoyed Haitian rice and beans, sauce, fried plantains, vegetables and a macaroni salad.

We enjoyed Taylor's birthday cake.

Cookie Chiefs.
One of the afternoon projects was to work on a table that will be used for deliveries.

We also packaged up some of the cookies, caramel corn and treats for our neighbors.

Fondue was enjoyed by all.

Will end the day with Taylor's birthday gifts and family worship.

Will try to blog daily with guest bloggers.

Thanks Aunt Beth
Thinking hard
Off to market

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Jess Furrow said...

Nice bright pink shirt Todd! Happy 18th birthday Tay! looks like a fun start to the visit :)