Friday, December 26, 2014


Today I stayed back with my folks, Aunt and Uncle.

The men routed lumber for the benches. Aunt Sherry worked on some curtains for the guest house.

Mom and I did some smaller projects.

Guest blogger today: Taylor.

On this wonderful day after Christmas, a group of us headed to the Citadel.

We had to wake up super early, at least for me it was early.

It was a very long two hour drive.

There was six of us stuffed in the back of the pickup truck while the rest of them were in the cab.

The drive wasn't much fun, but its funny to see all the people's faces when they see white people.

After what seemed like forever we finally got to the Citadel.

The parents went and bought tickets while most of us stayed in the back of the truck.

While we were waiting we got swarmed with people trying to sell to us.

Then the parents came back with our tour guide and we started to drive up the very steep mountain. That drive up was a little scary, I was holding on for dear life.

We got up to the second parking lot and instead of being swarmed by sellers we were also swarmed by the horse sellers. The tried to get us to buy their horses for the ride up.

We decided to walk up instead of the horses, but the horse guys decided to follow us up as well to try and get us to take a horse.

We were strong and all walked up that steep mountain.

Getting to the top was so rewarding, the view was amazing.

We all got a lot of pictures and Patty got some pop when we got up there.

Our guide did a very good job explaining what happened and taking pictures for us.

We got to take a tour inside the Citadel, it was huge there was so many rooms and cannons.

 After we got the full tour we went back down and took a short tour of the palace.

 The palace was very beautiful as well, but some of it was ruined when they had an earthquake.

All of us were so tired by the time we got back to the truck.

We drove a little and had lunch on the side of the road. Lunch was hotdog or peanut butter sandwiches.

The ride back wasn't as fun as the ride there, it seemed longer and everyone was hurting at the end.

All in all the two hour trip to the Citadel was worth it, the view was amazing and hanging with family is always fun!

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