Monday, December 22, 2014

Last day preparing for family!!

Christmas music on and first big batch of Christmas cookies done, to be decorated on Wed.

Once the rooms were ready for our guests we returned to cooking this afternoon.

Thirteen extra beds made and ready. Mosquito nets hung with care.

Major cleaning done.

Some prep for special meals on Christmas Eve [also our niece's birthday!] and Christmas.

Items like coconut candy, banana bread, corn bread and more.

With our family's 'Papa Noel' now heading south, we aired out his Santa suit in our tropical sunshine.

Decorated the guest house tonight after supper.

Family traveled from MI to FL today and then on to Haiti tomorrow morning.

Enjoying reports as they travel South...know they made it to the airport fine and checked in and then lunched in Chicago after their first flight.

And heard one more time to get rid of all spiders....not happening but their numbers are lower.

We will head out for Cap Haitian sometime between 7-8 a.m. to get in some shopping before going to the airport.

They should be landing about noon, in time for some lunch and shopping in Cap before returning to Fauche.

We learned today that our adoption agency did not receive their re-accrediation to work in Haiti.

Read here for more details and prayer requests.

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