Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 more days!!

5 more days! Very excited to welcome 13 members of my family for Christmas this year.
First Birthday!

Due to this fact, along with the facts that this fall we focused on completing the second Creole book, getting Eli's college paperwork done and a week spent in Cap Haitian, our annual FALL cleaning occurred during these very last days of fall.

Winter comes on Sunday and the cleaning I hope will be done. Overall our house stays mostly clean, most of the time so it is OK to stop in for a surprise visit. However when we know visitors will be coming we bump it up a level. Mom or mother-in-law visits bump up the cleaning a bit more. 

While a pristine house never happens here for us,  certain events generate additional energy and to help pass the time waiting for the event we do extra cleaning! Major cleaning triggering events include: bringing home a new family member, home study, and this year...having 17 members of Grandma DeWent's family [12 related by blood although the clean gene is quit dilute in some of us] for Christmas!!

I think we hit the timing right on...too early and one finds with only screens on the windows (no glass) that you need to start cleaning again. Too late and the last few hours fill with anxiety fueled rushing to get everything ready. Our pace remains good.
Dr. Winick's family. Local church leader, dentist,
 and director of the clinic.
Mme. Winick is Mme. Rosemary's daughter.

Eli and Anna continue with a few school projects but will I hope finish up the year tomorrow. Cory reports NO office work to do at this time and looks forward to some garden time between cleaning jobs the next few days. [Note: with many interruptions today I don't know if the garden time will be happening but he's cleaning!]

Campus will be having celebrations over the next couple of weeks as well. Next week the clinic plans to accept medical and dental patients at a special Christmas price for an appointment. Even on Christmas day!

Praising the Lord with the news with at least 5 adoption referrals this week and at least one family getting out of IBESR. 

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Madam Rosemary's daughter looks so much like her I think! Excited for you that family comes so soon. Praying for their travels.