Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Thanksgiving!!

Monday we received our internet system back!!
Most of the rest of the week we worked on school and the book.

Thursday afternoon we did take some time out to cook.

Cory handled the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Eli made the corn casserole and bread dressing.

I did the soy chicken legs with veggies.

Anna prepared glazed carrots and peach/mulberry pie.

All tasted great!!

Friday evening after a busy day we enjoyed leftovers and then decorated for Christmas.

 We saved out a few things so we can decorated the guesthouses for family.

 Then we watched part of Dickens' Christmas Carol over Haitian bread dunked in Haitian hot chocolate.

Today Anna and Eli worked on glazed carrots and mulberry pie while I edited the book.

Cory did some yard work before preparing Chaya for the potluck.

We traveled to the Christian radio station, 4VEH, early so we could help with the set up.

Close to 50 folks came together for a great meal and then a short devotional about being thankful for the Lord and who He is...not just what He gives us.

After chatting a bit and helping with clean up we headed home.

In just over  3 weeks we should travel again that direction but go all the way to the airport to pick up Kris's family for Christmas.

Lord willing, the book will be done before then!!! Thank you for the prayers.

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Missus Wookie said...

Looks like a couple of great meals to be thankful for!