Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soccer, funeral, book and roof.

Cory reports that the football(soccer) game went well with no injuries. No goals.

He estimates that around 150 folks came out to watch the fun.

Currently he's attending the funeral of Jean Pierre's mom.

Jean Pierre supports us in more ways than we can count.

His oldest daughter attends high school in the USA and I'm sure is missing family.

Cory provided rides both to the game and to the funeral, both in Port Margot.

The work on the agricultural book continues at a good pace.

The internet part arrived on Tuesday, however it did not fix our problem.

Thankfully when he called Haiti Satellite to ask about a technician coming to work on it he found that one plans to travel to Cap Haitian for other business on Saturday.

This will cut down our cost for the visit. Praying we can return to high speed, reliable internet soon.

School continues to add to our knowledge base and fill our days.

Pastor Jonas's new roof looks nice.

Going to assume that it will keep the family drier than the old rusty one.

Thankfully almost all the wooden beams hadn't been damaged by leaks or termites so very little needed to be replaced.

Second picture after day one.

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