Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Obligated to Play....

I can think of several times in my missionary career when I felt obligated to do something outside my comfort zone: cutting the hair of missionary women being one!

Today will be one of those times for Cory. The married men of our Fauche church will travel down the road to Port Margot to take on their married men in a friendly soccer match.

Following the first announcement in church Cory didn't think he would participate being very busy with the book, not knowing if all the physical effects of Chikungunia were gone, not being very athletic.

But in a small church one often feels obligated to participate. Then there's the fact that we own one of the few vehicles that could transport the team to the game.

But the final point is the most important. Kingdom Building!! The major reason for the game - to evangelize. Now Cory will not be the best player, the youngest or the oldest player. But he will be the only foreigner.

Our French tutor, who lives near Port Margot reported yesterday that the pre-game talk and publicity centered around Cory playing!

So we pray for safety and for more folks to enter the Lord's Family.

Haiti celebrates today the Battle of Vertierre, the final decisive battle in their war for Independence, 211 years ago.

Pastor spoke Sunday of all the people still in bondage to sin, fear, and Satan. Please pray for Haiti.

Today some areas of Haiti will be filled with angry people protesting the recent increase in fuel and food prices (beans went up 25% here this week due to govt. tax on food imports from the Dominican Republic),  lack of national elections, current government policies and more.

We rejoice with the Haitian church for all those who put their trust in the Lord, breaking the chains of sin. We join them in praying for the Haitian church, the campus, district and national ministries, for the country and Haitians living abroad.

Please remember to pray tomorrow for the LaGonave Nursing School as government officials will be visiting to determine accreditation.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Way to go Cory! I don't doubt the excitement over his participation...hope it went well!