Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Internet Returns!! Football Pictures.

Happy Birthday to Tristyn!!

Happy celebration at our house after the tech man finally [working on the issue over the last 4 days] restored our internet system!!!

Work on editing the Creole book continues at a great pace. One of the school directors read the whole book in the last week and pointed out a few typos and words can could be simplified.

When we asked him what he thought of the book his response came with a big grin. 'A treasure' this will be. Encouraging words to help us push through these last few days of work.

A few weeks ago we started to work on the book only on one computer and in one file. This limited us to only one person at a time working on the final copy.

Some parts of the book could be worked on separately and then copied into the final, but occasionally we would 'lose' a bit and need to hunt it down.

 Praying its only days before we finish as to be totally honest both Cory and I entered into the phase of being weary with this whole book editing, (sitting at the computer many hours a day)  a few weeks ago!

School continues with Eli continuing to battle a head cold that makes concentrating on calculus and physics very hard for him.

Spent some time today working on cleaning up my computer's in-box. Since we returned from Cap Haitian, November 6th my computer would not connect with the internet.

I like to keep only active, need to respond to e-mails in my in-box. Over 1,000 came in this morning when I finally could connect again!

I'm happy to report that right now I'm down to 267, 242 and looking forward to dropping into the double digits in the next few days.

We also rejoice that with WiFi once again we can download books on our Kindles so we do not need to wait to use the one that contained the most books, and more than one person can be on internet at once which makes school and office work much easier to schedule.

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