Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rainy Sunday in Ca

This morning we enjoyed the extra time before church. Being in Cap we decided to visit the Route 23 church which normally starts worship service at 10 a.m.

Not knowing if they would change with the time or not we decided we'd better be there close to 9:30 just in case.....we made it before the visitor's greetings and special music.

The pastor requested we stand for the church and to point us out as having put together the Creole health books that were distributed to the members of the church.

Following church an older man shook our hands and noted how the book had really helped him as he suffers from diabetes. I asked him if someone checked his feet daily for sores and problem areas and he reported that they did!! Very happy to hear this.

Tomorrow we plan to head to Dondon to hold a clinic and do some education. Pray that the rainy weather stays away and that we can get back before dark!

Saturday we saw 60 patients.

Cory taught the waiting clinic patients about nutrition and how to grow and use moringa and chaya. Also a brief talk to several visiting school principles. He was also introduced to a student from the Christian University of Limbe who seems to really enjoy agricultural work. They visited a nearby nursery he has helped with. It has an impressive selection of fruits and ornamentals.

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