Friday, October 31, 2014

Cap Haitian Day one

Yesterday we finished packing for a week in Cap Haitian to join the Lutheran Holy Cross team we also joined last October to work.

Four from last year's team and two new folks traveled to Haiti on Thursday to serve mostly with medical clinics.

Last night we visited with the team and enjoyed a nice meal before a big thunderstorm hit during the night.

With the travel everyone was tired and went to bed early.

This morning we headed out to the local campus. Cory checked out his trees and said that with the dry summer some trees did well but others did not.

Considering how dry it he was not disappointed.

This morning I saw patients while Eli and Anna helped with vital signs.

Cory checked out the campus and did some nutritional education.

After a late lunch we continued. In total the team folks saw 100 patients mostly older adults with a list of problems.

We started the morning with 2 of us seeing patients, had 3 consulting before lunch and 4 of us after lunch.

After lunch Anna helped me chart. Eli traveled to a second location with Cory to see the main garden and plant some fruit trees.

 They have some moringa growing well but they lost about half the plantain bananas from the drought. Suprisingly a the drought sensitive (while young) breadfruit we planted last year did well.

Already had a thunderstorm on the way back to the hotel. Enjoyed my second hot shower!!

After a tasty supper the kids and I helped the team bag up vitamins for the school children.

Time for bed!

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