Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rain and more rain.

Yesterday, due to heavy rains, we remained at the hotel.

No trip to DonDon or even to the Cap Haitian site.

We spent time talking about health issues in Haiti, going over the charts, reading and visiting.

In the afternoon a few went shopping.

Cory worked on the book.

Today we did get to Madelin and saw a few patients.

American Airlines did come and leave the Cap Haitian International Airport today.

Cowman International and all the schools in Cap Haitian closed for the second day due to the heavy rains.

We returned for a late lunch and heavy rains continue again this afternoon.

Two boxes of supplies did get picked up at the airport.

Lots of flooding in and around Cap Haitian with more rain coming down.

Anna and Eli both helped out today with translating.

Anna for some of the medical folks consulting.

Eli helped in the pharmacy.

John Pierre talked to Cory on the phone yesterday reporting heavy rains at home as well.

Guess our house developed a leak over Eli's school desk.

Tomorrow will be our last full day with the team providing they can fly out on Thursday morning.

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