Thursday, November 13, 2014

Balancing Frustrations

Lots time spent working on the book this week sandwiched between plenty of frustrations!

Let’s try to balance the negatives with positives.

One computer completely died and one unable to use internet = opportunity for us to practice sharing and time management to compete the needed school work and book/office work.

Additional rain which soaked this week’s mail which included school books for Anna = reminder to pray for the folks suffering from flooding and the children without school supplies. Thankful for a bit of sunshine and an oven to dry out the books.

Leaky roof = thankful the leak is a small, intermittent one. Thankful for a house on a hill safe from flooding and 99% dry.

Slow, limited Internet = thankful for distant communications that still happen in less than one day.

Beginner band practice near the house = thankful for children making a “joyful noise”.

Termites continuing to eat some wood furniture & woodwork = thankful for safe insecticides that slow them down

Most of the peach palms fruits fell off during the rainy weather = thankful they should produce twice a year and the trees are maturing fast.

Thinking that only two weeks remained to update our home study = lots of prayer and thankfulness when we received clarification that we only needed to contact the USCIS office about our fingerprints [done] and not until after Feb. 21 do we start to think about updating the home study IF we do not receive a referral by then.

Received a support check in the mail mistakenly dated 2010 = reminder of all the wonderful faithfull folks who support us financially and through prayer.

Days of editing still needed on the Creole agricultural book as we continue to find more errors = thankful for the three men helping us find the errors before printing and for the improvement of Cory’s Creole grammar.

Hard to pronounce French words and forgotten studies = thankful to restart lessons with our French tutor so we can improve our communication skills and relationships

Anna and Cory repeating last year’s November health problems with abscesses and lymph issues = increased prayer time for them and other’s who need God’s healing touch. Thankful for phone consults, easy way to heat hot water, natural medicine knowledge as we try to get everyone healthy. Thankful for a medical laboratory for basic tests on campus.

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Missus Wookie said...

Thankful for your ability to balance - holding you all in the light.