Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thankful List

I'm reminded of many things to be thankful for today.

Health: Although Anna's stomach has been a problem since last night she's feeling a bit better and keeping down fluids. Cory caught a cold but Eli and I remain well. Praying for a friend who's ultrasound showed many locations of cancer no longer responding to chemo and a second one who's now on a treatment to help his liver function, secondary to liver cancer his plasma which should be a light yellow, now appears blackish with toxins.

Adoption: No news but we continue to faithfully pray for the process and our 'littles'. Praying boldly for the Lord to move mountains, make a way and fight for our kids. Praying for a family we know who after 7 years in the process is adjusting to the news that the Haitian children they love and have worked hard to adopt will not be joining their family. Praying for all involved.

Internet: Remains frustratingly slow and spotty. My computer will not allow me to access any of documents until it 'updates' but with our slow doesn't appear to be updating. Thankful for any kind of rapid communications that is not counted in days or weeks.

Safety: In all our 16+ years in Haiti we've not experienced a serious car accident among the team. Yesterday one of the new missionaries driving home from Port ended up being hit by a UN bus. Thankfully the Lord protected him in many ways [provided someone who knew him in minutes, an ambulance, a English speaking doctor from Canada, a CT scan that showed nothing serious...] Praying for a rapid recovery for him and repair of the vehicle.

Time with family: Reading a book that consists of a soldier's letters to home and his sweetheart during WWII. Very thankful for the 'bonus' hours we've enjoyed with Eli and Anna through homeschooling, and that they did not need to attend boarding school. Thankful that as hard as leaving Eli next year in the USA will be we will not be sending him off to war.

Next week at this time we will join a medical team in Cap Haitian for a week. We enjoyed a week with the Holy Cross Lutheran team last year in October and look forward to meeting some of the same folks and a few new ones.

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