Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekend Report.

Birthday Picture.

Wednesday's trip to the market went well. The trees and plants sold well...for about $15 American. The real befit of the trip can be measured in the education that occurred while the workers answered questions about the plants and trees.

Gener in the orange shirt holding a tree.
Evon stands just to the left facing left. 

Campus hosted a Compassion group last night. The normal Friday night video on campus did not happen due to electrical problems and an electrical storm.

School went well this week with lots of learning. In less than two weeks we will be joining the Lutheran team in Cap Haitian for a second time and enjoy Fall break by helping out for a week of medical work.

Ag. book translating and editing continues. Please continue to pray for this important project!

Internet continues to be spotty and slow hindering my ability to post and post pictures. This also means that one of the sticks needs to be shared-between all four of us.

School and office work share the highest priorities. Sadly we cannot figure out how to download our Kindle books with the new system.

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Missus Wookie said...

Glad the outreach stall achieved both monetary and educational goals. Hope the internet improves.