Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy Birthday to Cory!

Clouding over this afternoon...maybe rain will come with nightfall.

Thankful for a nice amount of rain lately..not needing to water the trees and not to much.

The current newsletter project may be past the 50% mark but hard to tell with different groups at different stages.

Cory's working on getting a new printer up and running between his turns at the computer game he's playing with Eli.

Cory's birthday lasagna waits for tomorrow's celebration in the freezer. Will make his cake later as it's hot fudge cake and best enjoyed hot!

We continue to trust in the Lord for the timing of our adoption referral..see our other blog for more details, link above under the tab 'Grafting Treasures.' While we'd like to think it would be best to hear in 3 days or 3 could be months to years.  In 3 years we will be to old by law!

A good week of school completed as we pass the 30% mark. Enjoy learning with my children. Thank you Lord for not answering all those prayers for someone else to teach them!!

Internet remains slow but thankful we can continue to connect with the world.

Next week when the newsletters fly off to the USA and beyond Cory will return to the book editing.

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