Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This and that...

Middle of the week and middle of the month. 

We enjoyed celebrating Cory's birthday on Sunday which included watching a new video for us about Rich Mullins' life. Thankfully we finished right before we needed to unplug all electronics and turn off the power due to a very powerful thunderstorm.

A repeat thunderstorm occurred on Monday night again causing us to protect all electronics. Thankfully no lightning strikes in our area.

Monday we worked on finishing up the newsletters as well as starting our school week. Cory took the completed newsletters to Cap Haitian yesterday and did some shopping.

Now will try to get out the e-mail copies of the newsletter on our spotty and slow internet! Very thankful for our faithful support team. 

With Cory's birthday and Thanksgiving in Canada being completed the season of Christmas music starts in our home. This year with family coming for Christmas week we look forward to many fun family memories.

Yesterday marked our 9th month in IBESR. So if you think in terms of a 9 month pregnancy then we've waited that long for one of the children. Still praying we receive our referral soon so we can know more about our children and pray specifically. 

Cory took his guys and a truck load of trees to the Port Margot market today to increase awareness and education about some of the new trees. 

Work on the book continues...starting to check the fonts, numbering, contents and making sure everything made it in that we wanted included. Found a few missing items that we'll now translate and edit. Getting closer!

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