Monday, October 6, 2014

Blessed by prayer.

Band practice 'music' fills the air reminding me that today is Monday.

In our house the book translation continues alongside of school work and computer work.

While we can use internet it remains very, very slow and unpredictable using a Digicel stick but I remain thankful for this small window of communication with the world.

[Also weirdly today my E-mails started to come into my normal E-mail mailbox? Had been checking on line since the internet system stopped working.]

Not happy that it will not update my i-photo making all my pictures unavailable. 

Yesterday, late afternoon Pastor Immanuel stopped in with a group of visitors to pray for us.

I don't ever remember in the USA being asked by a friend to go visit someone for a few minutes to pray for them.

Even when visiting someone in the hospital or at home recovering how often do Christians in the USA think to stop and pray? In my experience this is rare unless a pastor specifically makes a sick call.

They came to bless our family and our house. They did just that by joining with us, singing praises before and after the prayer. 

They asked for our requests and then all together lifted up their voices to petition the heavenly Father on our behalf. 

Once again I felt the presence of the Lord very close and praise Him for letting us live here among special people. 

Sadly, I've missed being part of a blessing many times by not including a prayer when visiting family or friends. 

In the USA I tend to say 'praying for you' but not 'Can I pray for you right now?' A down side of a culture that stresses independence and privacy perhaps? 

I grew up with this idea... as I think of the old poor man who'd come by our house on LaGonave when I was a child Ti Charles. His prayers moved me even then, even when I could not understand everything, the feeling that he touched the Lord in a special way always accompanied his visits. 

Lord help me to learn to pray like that! Teach me to prioritize prayer in all situations. Thank you for bringing good examples into my life to show me how! 

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Definitely special people that I think of often! Thanks for your insight. I want spiritual unity/closeness with people but very rarely do I ever think to ask if I can pray in the moment. Have a great day.