Saturday, August 2, 2014

Youth Conference, national conference

With the women's conference, the noise level on campus goes up just because 300+ women and children are on campus.

With the 150 or so people here for the youth conference the noise goes up because they set up a sound system in the middle of campus under the trees where they meet with hope for a cool breeze.

Thankfully, when not meeting, the music choice pumping across campus [at a level that sounds like I have my music in the house pumped a bit loud] consists of bouncy praise songs in both French and English.

I prefer the live music or laughter that rings out when the group enjoys their own worship or fellowship.

We hope this helps the VooDoo group that drummed loudly all night one night last week to choose to accept the gift of salvation, the joy of the Lord and stay awake during the day so they [and we] can sleep at night.

This morning a cool breeze accompanies the music after a refreshing storm blessed us with an inch of rain last night. Thank you Lord!

Next week, the National Conference starts on the 7th and runs through the 10th. Pastor Dan Irvine asked the following E-mail that came today:

The National conference will be strategic in the election
of church leaders for the next four years. Please pray with us that
God would ordain and the Conference would elect those officers that
would guide the church to maturity in the areas of stewardship and
Dr. Dennis Jackson has begun an emphasis across Global Partners for
extraordinary prayer; and for Haiti, the National Conference calls for
extraordinary prayer. Will you join us in extraordinary prayer each
day this week for this Conference?

Please pray.

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