Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend report.

Started out the work week with the temperature being less than 80!! In the summer! 
Sunday afternoon a thunderstorm rolled in sharing the abnormally cooler temperatures along with over 1 inch of rain.
Thankfully, it moved on in time to turn the inverter back on to provide power for the last activities of the Youth Conference.
We turn off the inverter, unplug all electronics and isolate the house during electrical storms to protect everything.
Not sure what time the young folks went to bed, or if they did on Sunday but they were wound up and chanting loudly around 11 p.m. Hope the neighbors enjoyed it.
One thing not cool is Anna's temperature. She left the morning church service a bit early on Sunday with a fever and headache.

Anna continues with a fever this morning. Yesterday, she worked well during school in-between four naps. Other than the fever and occasional head aches, she's fine.
Sunday service went well with the installation of the new leaders.

Pastor Rigo stepped down as president after seven years of dedicated service but will remain on the board to provide advice and leadership.
We start our second month of school this week, and everyone continues to do well.
Plans for this week: review Eli's transcript, college essay and paperwork; continue with our school work; get July's thank-you letters written; continue to work on the agricultural book and whatever else comes our way.
Please remember to pray for the National Conference [Aug. 7-10] and leadership. 

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