Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Between District and Youth Conferences..

Great music
The birds sing in the tree tops as a hazy sunlight highlights the gently swaying palm fronds in the front yard.

I do not hear any voices on campus,  but that will change tomorrow with the start of the district youth conference.

Last week the district pastors and leaders met on campus for training, fellowship and meetings.

While we enjoyed a couple short rain showers that cooled the air the rain that fell did not amount to enough to refresh the gardens, trees and plants.

Cory and the guys spend more time these days watering the trees and plants in pots.

We did have a short storm recently with high winds but it produced little rain and thankfully little damage.

Pastor Denord shared that his yard in Cap Haitian now contains three fruiting trees: breadfruit, starfruit and egg fruit.

Several of the pastors left for home with fruit trees and most with seeds.

Many enjoyed their first taste of jackfruit and more waits in the refrigerator to share with the youth tomorrow.
Kid's Club kids with donated I-pad. 

The trees remain loaded with star fruits to share as well.

This week saw the first avocados purchased from the market indicating the start of the season.

After many phone calls to one of the Port-au-Prince staff we hear that our truck's paperwork did get completed [taking many visits to offices in PAP and many days time] although we have yet to receive the papers.

 They maybe sent north with a bus driver today.

Pray for the youth conference-as well as National Conference to be held in August along with a Youth Leaders Convention.

Pray for us as we work on Eli's college application and transcript.

Pray for the second agricultural book as Cory works hard on the translation.

Thank you!

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