Friday, August 8, 2014


The parrot's animated squawks lately fill the air throughout the day.

Maybe they like the recent thunderstorms that cool the air and greened the mountain sides with decent rains this week.

Thankful the winds accompanying the storms did not damage the trees very much.

Cory between storms worked to straighten a  young avocado tree loaded with fruit.

He trimmed off two of the top branches to keep it from leaning so much to the right.

Sadly the avocados on those branches look like they were too young to ripen.

School, paperwork and translation of the plant book progressed well this week.

Exciting news with the purchase of tickets for family to visit for Christmas.

Celebrating Christmas with family in Haiti only occurred once before for us since we moved to Haiti in 1998.

Way back in 2000 my folks came early as we would then travel in January to the USA for Anna's birth in February.

I may be celebrating by listening to a few great Christmas CD's but I promise I'll put them back away until after Canadian Thanksgiving.

Cory is working on plans to visit the Port Margot market tomorrow with some ripe star fruit to expose more folks to this sweet, juice fruit and increase the interest in planting trees.

Praying for the National Conference of the Wesleyan Church of Haiti today and the weekend.

Guachilote or possibly a candle fruit producing in a gallon pot
(hard to tell apart, bought seeds for both last year).

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