Monday, August 11, 2014

Star Fruit to Port Margot

Introducing a new fruit or food can be hard.

We gave out moringa powder for a few years at the LaGonave hospital listening to complaints about the taste and that children did not want to take it.

But once the nurses saw the improvement, how it helped and started to give it to their children, the complaints were gradually replaced with requests for the powder.

Seven years after our leaving LaGonave the moringa powder project continues with growing interest.  Many people here want to plant moringa trees, especially after the president and his wife started telling on TV how nutritious it is.

This weekend Cory shared a few bushels of star fruits.

On Saturday he and Gener took a few trees and fruits down to the Port Margot market.

Being the second largest market day they were not overwhelmed with people but had enough interest to make the trip worth while and a chance to talk to interested folks about the trees.

They set up near a lady from the Port Margot church who received a banana plant from Cory.

She proceeded to loudly tell those who gathered how well her plantain banana plant did and how much money she made selling the first bunch!!  Best advertising is from a satisfied person!!

Those who purchased trees went away with some free fruit as did a few who received free samples.

With money being in short supply few would be willing to buy a tree or fruits that they do not know, even for about 50 cents. Breadfruit plants sold best.

 Two breadfruits (about 2-3 pounds each) sell for 55 cents now that the main season is over and are "expensive".

Increasing the awareness of star fruit in our area and supporting our local churches merged into a large star fruit distribution on Sunday at the Port Margot church.

The seeds in the 300+ fruits can be planted by the 500-600 people who attend.

In addition, the announcement made informed people that Cory will sell trees to those interested in getting a head start.

A visiting scout group from near Port-au-Prince will receive some of the star fruits this week along with a visiting compassion group.

The neighbors always welcome fruit as well.

Yesterday the young man who graduated from agricultural school talked with us following church [he preached] wanting to know when the plant book would be available as well as asking if we knew of any jobs.

Please pray for the book [Cory's making great progress] and for Andy to find a good job.

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