Monday, July 21, 2014

Women's District Church in the New Church.

First we knew we'd be to late for a pew seat so took our own.

The night before we'd gone down to service to find out it was a competition time between the churches so after watching a while we left early but left our plastic chairs for ladies without a place to sit.

Those chairs were already being used in service so we brought down some more.

The ladies wanted so much to all worship together -not some inside and some outside- that they worked very hard pulling weeds, piling rocks, moving pews, decorating and smoothing dirt to make a service possible in the new church.

Some of the children worshiped in the gazebo.

Not sure if it's ever been that crowed!

The music and worship inspired one's heart despite the sun and heat.

After the normal title and offerings for the church the presidents of each church's women's missionary society came dancing and singing in like Daniel with their offerings.

Throughout the service folks needed to move around a bit as the sun continued to move across the blue sky reducing the amount of shade.

The sermon reminded us to follow the Lord and end well.

Many examples from the Bible of men and women who finished well as well as some that did not.

Two young ladies accepted the Lord and the whole group prayed for them.

A new committee was introduced to care and encourage the district pastor's wives in their ministries.

These ladies also received special prayer.

Many thank you's were voiced including our family, especially all the work that Cory did to help and the fruits shared.

In the afternoon a wedding was held in the gazebo and a music concert before the evening service.

Cory drove the six ladies returning to Port-au-Prince to Limbée early this morning to catch their bus.

They headed out with bags of star fruits.

We join the women in prayer that by some miracle the church can have a roof and floor by next year's conference.

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