Saturday, July 19, 2014

End of women's conference.

This week Cory and Anna prepared 3 jackfruit to share with the visiting ladies.

Today I prepared some starfruit seeds and packaged 3-4 seeds in a small bag with one  jackfruit seed.

Before they return home 240 women will be given these seed packets.

As over 350 ladies are attending so we handed over the packets to the leadership so they can make sure that the ladies with goat free land and best chance for the trees to grow will get the available seeds.

In a few years we hope to hear that other locations like the mountain village on LaGonave are enjoying fruit from their star fruit trees and a couple year after that from jackfruit trees.

Hot and humid with daily afternoon thunder in the distance make up our summer days but very little rainfall means the campus continues to be on the dry side.

A nice long soaking rain would be great.

We finished up a good week of school and Eli started on a college entrance essay.

Cory made good progress on the agricultural book translating this week.

The women’s conference will end tomorrow with the ladies leaving for home on Monday.

District conference will start on Tuesday.

New post about Haiti's adoption process here.

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