Thursday, July 17, 2014

Women's Week.

A few hundred women share campus with us this week as they attend the northern women's district conference.

Yesterday we invited the ladies on either the national or district committees over for a time of fellowship. Five ladies joined us for cookies, bananas and passion fruit juice.

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. One of the ladies we know from our time on LaGonave. Nice to hear her say how she sees the Lord using us in the north after being upset when we left LaGonave.

She also reported that in her village up in the mountains of LaGonave they have a fruiting star fruit tree that Cory had sent up years ago! YES.

With the tree producing fruit the people will have a local source of seeds for additional trees. If they could produce enough fruit they would be able to find a market for the starfruit on LaGonave.

One of their prayer requests is that the Fauche church can be completed so that more ladies can come next year [the current meeting place of the church will be a dorm that can house visitors.]

Yesterday morning for breakfast we shared a couple buckets of bananas and a large bowl of jackfruit. Anna and Cory prepared the jackfruit Tuesday night.

 The ladies shared with us a nice piece of fresh beef at the start of conference.

Before the ladies leave they will be give the chance to take a jackfruit seed if they wish and if they know of a goat free area to plant it.

Tuesday after supper Cory drove to Limbée to pick up the ladies coming from LaGonave and Port-au-Prince.

Surprisingly with a current gasoline shortage we've enjoyed government electricity more than normal this week. With church services continuing late into the night and starting before 5 a.m. the additional power is greatly appreciated.

During conferences Cory helps to keep the guests supplied with water and electricity in addition to sharing fruit.

Eli and Anna are adjusting to our new school subjects. While not much different than last years the start of a year gives them a chance to start new habits and develop new skills.

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