Saturday, July 5, 2014

End of school and the 4th.

Summer break and the 4th of July fell on the same weekend this year for the Thede family.

While we remember those who fought for the USA's Independence we also remember fondly family reunions at the lake, fireworks and ice-cream.

Around our home this weekend the air is not full of fun on the lake or fireworks but the district's conference for the men. Each morning before dawn the air is full of their songs of praise which continue through out the day!

We don't participate in the meetings but help out by providing electricity, making sure water remains available, sharing fruit and praying.

The men showed their gratitude in a practical and tasty way by gifting us some fresh beef.

We enjoyed hamburgers, along with red,white, and blue jello yesterday. The best was homemade pineapple brownies a new favorite.  Celebrated the last day of school Thursday with our first hotdogs of the year, something we rarely buy.

Eli and Anna finished up their school year strong and we honor them for their hard work and all that they learned in the last school year.

Free time means computer and DS games as well as additional movie time.

Cory prepared the new breadfruit cuttings and I spent some time getting ready for the new school year.

Enjoying some family time with everyone healthy. Thinking about family and friends. Wondering how our little one's spent the day. Praising the Lord for our Christian heritage!


Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Happy late fourth and thanks for your shout out and prayers on the last blog! Chris's first day went pretty well...nice docs and helpful nurses were working, so praise the Lord! He's only on his second shift today, since ER is a different sort of schedule I guess. Thanks for your prayers, I know he appreciates and values them as he is facing a lot of new challenges. Congrats to E and A for completing another school year!

Missus Wookie said...

Sounds like a good weekend - glad you've finished up the school. Enjoy the down time.

Was reading an article about breadfruits and the push to find locally acceptable food stuffs. Made me think of y'all ;)