Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A week in review.

100 pounds of cooking bananas-before Cory's joints hurt.
Sorry about not updating for a week, time got away from me.

Tuesday through Thursday we worked on team laundry and school.

We decided that a long Family Fun weekend would be great as many weekends and days recently we traveled, hosted visitors or remained busy.

Started out OK with some computer games, video, special food but by Friday night Cory became sick with Chikungunya. Saturday he slept more than 90% of the day- which he said helped avoid the pain. He slept most of the time of fever.

Early Sunday the fever broke and he felt much better but still 'terrible'.

Yesterday we started our school week and Cory was able to be up and lead nursery work, although remains weak. We're working on a newsletter.
Vanilla vine and pods.

This morning Pastor Rigo asked me to cover clinic as they had no one else.

I've had joint aching on and off the last couple of weeks but a nurse could write charts for me. So I headed down the hill, slowly. I think the rocks grew in number and sharpness recently.

Thankful the Lord protected me as there were only 3 patients and by the time I saw the third one the one needing a lab returned with the results.

I did mess up. When I arrived I hobbled into the clinic area forgetting to greet the patients waiting on the bench. When I walked past them a second time I heard one of them comment and realized my mistake.

I apologized and sat down on the bench with them explaining that my head was a bit mixed up with the change from school to clinic and my joints hurt. They smiled and forgave me.

The lady who'd made the remark happened to be the first patient and wouldn't you know it-a weird symptom likely related to stress. Many patients here as in the USA want to leave with medications to treat their problems but I didn't want to sell her vitamins that she didn't need.

So I prayed with her. As she stood up to go she asked me if she could hug me. Wow. Not only was she not upset she wanted a hug. Don't remember any adult clinic patients every asking for a hug. Some OB mom's I delivered or children yes but not like this patient.

Thanks Lord. Pastors meeting on campus today as they prepare for the summer conferences.

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