Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Balanced perspective

Sometimes one needs to work on keeping one's perspective balanced.

If one were to believe my Facebook site: most of our friends [at least many of the ex-patriate ones] are enjoying family time in great vacation spots with lots and lots of ice-cream!

Reality - most of our friends here have never enjoyed a family vacation or ice-cream.

Reality - many people we know are struggling with major life problems and hurts.

Reality - many people do not have any family support or enough to eat.

Reality - needs look very different from wants.

We all need the Lord.

Reality - many do not know of Him. Many have never felt His peace and love in their lives.

While we do not plan to travel to the USA this year and therefore do not know when we will taste ice-cream again we do enjoy family time daily and can make tasty smoothies at home.

Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful supportive family and team.

Thank you Lord for a great homeschool curriculum that meets our family's needs.

 New school year started yesterday.

This week campus life will not be too busy but next Monday hundreds of women from around the norther district will come for a week of conference.

The oldest dragon fruit produced beautiful flowers this week but their beauty looses a bit of value knowing that this kind cannot self-pollinate so will not set fruit.

The new varieties now growing around campus and on the arbor will self-pollinate.

Lord help my life not just to produce flowers but to produce a fruitful harvest for the Kingdom.

Lord, thank you for letting us serve you and be a part of building the Kingdom here on earth.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Great post and reminder. I love the picture of the three of you! Such special (and good-looking:) kids you have.