Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A visit from folks from an agricultural conference. A good day. Edited.

Today's visit from some folks attending an agricultural conference based at a near by university in Limbée went very well.

Cory went and picked up one of the two truck loads this morning and returned. First - introductions all around.

Some came from other parts of Haiti and about 1/3 were students in the agricultural program at the university.

A tour of the yard and gardens started off the visit. I tagged along at first until we came to the star fruit tree.

People were interested in both trying the fruit and getting seeds.

I did tell the one gentle man who exclaimed after trying one that the sweetness could be because he had just tried a miracle fruit but his enthusiasm encouraged the other's to try some.

So Evon and Cory picked some and the kid's and I prepared the fruit for lunch and cleaned the seeds, while the other's continued the tour.

Around 1 p.m. Cory called to let us know that lunch was being served at the school cafeteria.

We had not planned on joining the group but the lunch had been ordered for 30 and being about 10 short [some due to Chikungunya fever] our family and Cory's men joined the meal.

We added the star fruit and chaya to rice and beans served with a cashew sauce, beef so tender I thought it was goat meat, fried cooking bananas, beet salad and spicy Haitian coleslaw.

Fresh natural fruit juice hydrated everyone.

In the afternoon I shared some basic first aid information: splinting, transport, wound and hemorrhage care.
After the talk for pictures to report to the other groups back at the conference they reviewed some of the points using my props.

No one was hurt during this lecture!

No don't pull out that impaled stick!
 Then answered some questions and gave every one a health book telling them they were now obligated to share the information with their family and neighbors.

Cory shared a bit more information about plants as well as cuttings and seeds before driving the folks back to the university.

Now the kids and I need to go and prepare beds for the 14 guests arriving tomorrow.

Yes, stabilize and transport. 
My visual aid: impaled piece of metal, and stuff not to push back in and the back side showed an open fracture [cow's bone] and an a avulsion injury of skin and muscle.

A good day.

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Peter Olson said...

That provides a pretty graphic visual. Ouch! That has got to hurt. :-)
So very pleased with the great news on the testing results. Praise God! He is good!
There are answers to prayers. :-)
Keep up the great work!
Love and hugs,
Peter Olson