Saturday, June 7, 2014

Football !

Thankful this week that the unexpected crashing fall of a dead moringa tree did not fall in the direction of the shade house that Cory recently filled with new breadfruit cuttings.

 Sometimes serving the Lord means putting one's self in danger.

Sometime knowingly and other time's not.

This week Cory did voluntarily when asked to play soccer.

Thankful that during this week's parents vs. young men soccer game no one returned home injured.

Not sure if the primary event motivation started with the end of the school year or the coming World Cup Games but many of the local neighbors turned out to watch the game.

The young men did beat the 'older more mature' team but not a shut out with final score 3-1.

Eli loaned his soccer shoes as well as the ball for the game.

He remember it was his ball after a hard bounce off a tree late in the game.

Cringing as he saw additional hard tree hits as well as a few bounces off the bookstore building's two story roof that the ball indured in this game.

Anna watched with her friends.

Some of the younger viewers spent more time playing than watching.

John Pierre did not play but I found it interesting that several of the young ladies and older ones asked him if he was going to play but none of the non-playing men.

Guess they felt safe to tease him as women do not play around here.

At least the older men looked good in their yellow jerseys. 

Lots of yellow and green about in support of Brazil these days!

Laughter with Cory's head hit as well as him occasionally missing the ball.

Our local dentist also generated laughter with some powerful kicks that missed the target.

Our pastor impressed me not only with his orange socks but by playing full out the whole game.

For a student and man who does a lot of office work he remains in good shape.

Today we worked on cleaning the guest houses for next week's team as well as continuing clean up around the campus, house and gardens for the garden tours next Wednesday as part of an agricultural conference.

The washing machine part arrived but we continue to wait on the electrician so another big load of hand washed laundry done today as well.

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