Monday, June 16, 2014

Kingdom Builder Ministry team

Years ago the Lord started to help us learn to add margin in our lives.

Moving to the North helped us gain margin and to be used in a different way than before.

Less than a month ago the opportunity arose to host a team for a short period of time from Kingdom Builders Ministry, students and leaders in phase one: The Experience.

I traveled to near Cap Haitian on Thursday to met up with the team. We visited a couple locations in Cap and enjoyed lunch at the OMS campus before heading back to Fauche.

Friday we enjoyed the beach. Saturday, the team allowed Eli, Anna and I to join them on a hike up the ridge for some time of reflection and listening to a childhood missionary kid friend, John Vermilya.

Saturday afternoon some watched the world cup game while other's continued to build relationships with Eli, Anna and the other kids on campus.

These special young people come from USA, Kenya, Czech, and Mexico.
Sunday John went to preach in Cap while most of the team enjoyed a short visit to children's church and then shared special music with our church before enjoying the rest of the service.

Sunday afternoon the team caused lots of laughter while participating in Kid's club games.

A special time Sunday after supper when they spoke of Eli and Anna's lives by sharing positive traits and skills they saw in both our kids along with encouraging words of wisdom.

Our family was then prayed over.

This morning we sent them off with prayer, hugs and snack foods at 5 a.m. as they headed back to Port-au-Prince for the last days their Haiti trip.

Anyone depressed with the state of the world would leave with a different viewpoint if they spent some time with young people like these heading into leadership and ministry positions.


Thank you Lord for letting us have the time for this team. What a blessing.

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