Friday, May 9, 2014


As I gain experience in this life [grow older] I find that I want to surround myself with items that point me to God and worship.
Bonus when functional items can also remind me of my Lord, while adding character or serving other purposes.

A few of the items we purchased in the Dominican Republic fill these roles as well as reminding us of our trip.

This year both my boards exam and waiting for the Haitian social services to refer children to our family frequently cause me to turn to my Bible and prayers to counter rising anxious feelings that the unknown future stirs up.

As we drove thought the countryside on our way to the DR's capital city for my test I noted the roadside stands selling various items: fruit, rugs, pottery, wooden items and more.

I knew what I wanted to purchase on our return trip and thankfully returned home with the items.

This pottery vase reminds me that I am the clay and the Lord the potter. He shapes my life with his loving hands.

 He watches when the hard times of life feel like being in a fire. He knows the purpose for which He specifically made me.

He carefully makes my life beautiful by adding details through directing the evens and people that touch my life.

This wooden platter also reminds me of how the Lord works and shapes my life.

 Our house holds finished wooden pieces that were stained, sanded and polished to show off the unique grains of wood.

But I like the roughness of this piece that reminds me that God's not finished with me yet. I know that parts of my life remain rough and in need of work.

Jesus worked for years as a carpenter. He knows wood and people. He knows the pain and hurt that life inflicts on the heart and soul. He experienced the same while living on this earth.

He however can turn that pain and hurt into growth. He can heal me. With Him I can improve. I can change what needs changing. Growth!

 I can praise Him through tears. Joy!

I can ask for more faith, more strength, more wisdom, and for more help in my unbelief. Courage!

I can rest in peace that He remains in control. He loves me. Amen.

He remains in control even in the small details of my life, even a wooden platter and a small vase.

Have a great day in the Lord.

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