Thursday, May 15, 2014

New plans. Thoughts about 'unbalanced'.

New library books
Tomorrow we will be once again packing up for a trip.

Earlier this week when discussing the possibility/need for Cory to visit LaGonave to meet about the agricultural work I felt the need to offer for the rest of us to go along.

On Monday we planned to travel to join the rest of our missionary team for a few days of missionary retreat, so it just did not make sense for Cory to drive home late on Saturday only to turn around and drive back for retreat.

So we adjusted our plans and will head out early on Friday morning in an attempt to catch the public ferry boat to LaGonave.

The majority of our week filled with school, book translation and nightly thunderstorms.

Today Cory spent hours today trying to get our washing machine running again but more damage came to light [not from Anna and I messing up the electrical source] but likely due to a severe agitation during an unbalanced load.

Unbalanced: Earlier this year our area lacked rain to the point of loss of gardens. This week too much rain washed out some of the gardens and threatening homes.

Unbalanced: my prayer list currently makes me feel that I've received to many blessings vs. the struggles that most of the world are currently facing [yes, I know it's His grace and mercy nothing really on my part]

Biology crayfish dissection 
Unbalanced: I read this week [not sure of the date of publication] that on average the American Christian spends only 5 minutes in prayer a day which includes meal prayers. Even if this number is 5 times that much…. how much time daily do we spend on 'entrainment' or social media a day.

Unbalanced: resources and needs in the world. Feelings of wants vs. true needs. Fear/worries vs. trust/faith. Speed vs. relationships. People vs. $…….

Unbalanced: many people's priorities and goals in life. Even missionaries struggle with time management, burnout, prioritizing, and trying to find a healthy balance between life and ministry.

Unbalanced: causes negative consequences in many areas of our lives not just washing machines.
Advanced biology dissection, heart

But sometimes unbalanced is better.

Thankful for the Lord who can help me balance life when I ask and then listen carefully for His voice and direction.

If my life looks unbalanced to others I hope its because I'm following the Lord and not the world.

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